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New Business Total Set Up

Limited Time Offer only $4,500 - 60% Savings - Start Today

Stop saying ONE DAY and take your first steps TODAY!

With our tools you will be able to take your dream business and LAUNCH.

No more excuses because we have made it so simple for you to get professional materials at a fraction of the cost. You will have everything you need to begin your business and the best part is - it will be customized to your market's needs. We have your back - we have been serving businesses for almost 20 years and we are excited to serve you and help you CURATE the Business of your DREAMS because we believe in the power of people considering themselves and igniting their souls. We are excited to help you bring your business to CONSCIOUSNESS. Let's GO! 

Logo Designing

What is the New Business Total Set Up?

  • Logo Design

  • Business Card Design with Printing Services

  • Content Templates

  • Brochure Website Design

  • Hosting for 12 Months

  • FREE Domain Name

  • FREE Membership into Impulse Branders Club

  • Brochure Video

  • Social Media Clips for Content Usuage

  • 12 Months of updates to your site

  • Option to add Social Media Content Package for a Premier Rate

  • Limited Time Offer $4,500

What's Included?

We've worked with:

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Is the New Business Total Set Up Right for You?

The New Business TOTAL SET UP is RIGHT FOR YOU if...

  • You are over saying ONE DAY

  • You have a vision but need help making it come to life

  • You are looking for a way to create more for yourself

  • You don't have time to waste on fumbling with designs that will not give you your desired image

  • You want to create a brand that serves your customers

  • You want professional support and guidance 

  • You are ready to grow your network


Meet Your Creative Guides


Impulse Design Group, Inc. was founded in 2003. Originally founded by 3 women who were dedicated to bringing professional branding and design work to small businesses. Impulse found it's first home in a Women's Business Center Incubator Office and found being able to serve so closely to other new businesses a profound experience.

Several years went by and 2 of the partners have been able to take some new and exciting adventures. Original founder, Kristie still holds the title of CEO and now is joined by her husband and partner is all things GOOD, Denie Hale. He serves as Chief Operations Officer. 

Kristie's unique blend of advertising and media experience make her a tremendous asset to any creative team. While Denie's background with both Fortune 500 and small businesses allow him a dynamic approach to working with all businesses. HIs real estate background also gives him the ability to further assist small businesses and there full visions. 

This team has been together for 22 years and is excited to serve as an extension of your small business as your very own Creative Department. 

New Business Total Set Up

Limited Time Offer only $4,500 - 60% Savings - Start Today

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